What inspired Boutique de Corinne...

Meet the owner of Boutique de Corinne

Boutique de Corinne is a collection of one of a kind pieces that range from jewelry collections to the atelier. 

All her " craft" is HANDMADE in MIAMI.   


   Corinne's jewelry pieces are meant to bring a "boho chic" and beachy edge to everyday looks. These pieces are inspired by raw elements like REAL Tahitian Pearl and REAL Fresh Water Pearl as well as leather and suede. It all began for the artist upon her visits to the islands of St. Barth and Tahiti. Everywhere she turned she was inspired by the prominence of these pearls. It was commonplace for women, men and children to sport these beautiful pieces of nature. "I wanted to bring back a piece of this wonder, so I brought back hundreds of loose pearls and got to work!" 

     Crafting became a part of Corinne's life very early on. Her relationship with her female role models sparked a desire in her to continue the art they had taught her,  embroidery. All of the embroidery pieces found in the Atelier are made from 100% linen and our always hand-stitched. A WORLD OF PATIENCE!

     All aspects of Boutique de Corinne depict different experiences and inspirations in the artists' life. Last but definitely not least, is the studio. Here you can find one of a kind canvas paintings. Corinne finds inspiration in the beauty of the vast African culture, most importantly in the women. Born and raised in Africa Cameroon, Corinne was unconsciously struck by the beauty of those women.

30 years later, they serve as her source of inspiration; hairsyles, garments, natural grace, scarification, nudity and dignity....